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Did you know that research shows that up to 50% of athletes entering an Ironman race are deficient in at least one micronutrient essential to red blood cell turnover and are considered "pre-anemic"?

The result of this is significant performance loss and an experience that is much less enjoyable!

With just a simple and affordable test we can ensure you are not one of those 50%.


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There’s only one way to determine if you're overtrained or truly lacking from a nutritional perspective: blood monitoring. helping to maximize your athletic potential by making sure you're meeting certain health markers.

Your red blood cell turnover, micronutrient levels and hormones, which indicate if an athlete is truly overtrained. Through understanding an individual’s micronutrient burn rates and red blood cell turnover tendencies, we can create a proper diet and supplementation program to help optimize performance and health while training. In testing hormones (pre-season panel), we're able to get an idea of the amount of recovery time (and ideal recovery methods) best suited for the individual athlete. Ultimately, blood monitoring can help athletes reach their true athletic potential and sidestep overtraining syndromes and other health issues before they become sidelined.

Research estimates that 30% of team sport athletes are "functionally deficient" in at least one micronutrient essential to red blood cell production. Additional research has shown 27% of male and 56% of female ironman distant triathletes are functionally deficient in atleast one micronutrient essential to red blood cell production. This results in a decrease in red blood cell production and/or oxygen carrying capacity of the cells.

The incidence of pre-anemia secondary to micronutrient deficiencies in professional athletes is estimated to be between 10-25%. Pre-anemia causes fatigue and performance deficits. Research shows significant variance in absorption and utilization rates of micronutrients within individuals independent of dietary/supplemental intake (aka diet/supplement does not always predict absorption and utilization!). The most accurate method of determining these rates is through blood testing. Making sure an athlete is physiologically prepared to compete is essential for success.

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About ABT - Our Lab Partner

Athlete Blood Testing. Without optimal physiology, it doesn't matter how well you trained for your big race, your body will not let you perform well. ABT is one of the first sports specialist groups to offer performance-based blood testing for athletes. We focus on the unique needs of athletes, and your tests are reviewed by the same industry leaders trusted by hundreds of top professional and Olympic athetes from around the world. Let us help you achieve your best!

Our roots stem back to 2009, when we began monitoring micronutrients, red blood cell indices, hormones, inflammatory markers, and organ enzymes in endurance athletes for research. For two years, we tracked 25 elite and professional athletes regularly. We learned a lot! One of the most important findings came in recognizing individual variances in micronutrient utilization, red blood cell turnover, and recovery. Why is this important? Because we learned that nutrition plans, supplementation, race scheduling, and recovery plans are not a one-size-fits-all! Identifying your unique physiology allows you to individualize your nutrition plan, recovery, training, and pre-race plan for your unique needs and nail your race or competition!

Since our initial trials, we have had the opportunity to perform thousands of tests on elite and professional athletes, as well as recreational athletes. ABT has become a standard part of competition preparation for professional and Olympic athletes. Now, we have made this service available to everyone and extremely cost effective. Why? Because you deserve to perform your best too!

What fuel do you need to optimize YOUR physiology? Let ABT help you find out.


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