Triathlon Bike Gearing 101 for Flatlanders and Mountain Climbers

Picking the right gear for the conditions can significantly increase your performance on a bike

Triathlon Bike Gear 101

Don't know where to start? We'll run through the basics to get you started on the bike leg for tr...

Triathlon clothing, one piece vs. two piece what is the difference and what is the pros and cons of each?

During a Triathlon event, what to wear is a major question that is asked over and over again. 

VO2 Max Testing - What is that?

What's it about? If you have a VO2 max over 75 does it mean you can compete as a Olympic caliber...

Training Safety Tip - Hide your start point

Create a privacy zone around an address, such as your home, to hide your start point on publicly ...

Managing External Stressors

Have a plan to avoid getting overloaded.

Athlete Blood Testing - ​ Why is this important?

Because we learned that nutrition plans, supplementation, competition scheduling, and recovery p...

What Is a Recovery Week? - Training Tip

A recovery week is a period of reduced training intensity and volume of about 50%.

A key benefit of periodic testing - Training Tip

An athlete may be exhibiting a degree of overtraining if they consistently fail to improve on pl...

Running Assessment

  For those who only know Johnny as “coach”, or the guy who makes you hurt during ass...

Running Out of Gas?

Meal times are often shoved aside when work and school commitments pop up unexpectedly which lea...

Are you allowing enough time to prepare for your event?

Sudden increases in volume seem to trigger both over-training and increase the likelihood of inj...

When you embark on your next training session ask yourself what system am I training?

To become a successful endurance athlete you'll need adequate training stimulus and sufficient r...

Why Not Just Rely On Carbohydrate As My Fuel Source?

Why understanding how your body utilizes fat versus carbohydrate is important.

Struggling With Your Weight Management And Performance?

Quick tips to dial in your training and maximize your time and results.

What Is Base Training For?

Learn all about aerobic base training

Are You Over Training?

Check out some of the common warning signs of over-training syndrome.  

Optimal Training Conditions

We're now entering the time of the year when warmer days prevail and the days are getting longer ...

We All Started From A Walk

From walking to marathon where do you fit in? Be patient as you develop your fat engine.

Fueling Strategy for Training & Race Day

Discover your Pre, during, and post workout / race fueling strategies.Objective: Maximize the bod...

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