About Our Learn To Swim Workshop

Unlike many of the swim classes or swim workshops in Houston we offer the following in our Learn to Swim Workshops:

  • Private instruction 1:1 Student / Swim Instructor
    Adult swim instruction
  • Video recording / playback during instruction for instant feedback 
    In a swim studio
  • Swim instruction Tailored specifically to the individual
  • In a heated pool
  • Offered 7 days /week
  • Book appointments online
  • USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center
  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So whether you're swimming for fitness, preparing for a triathlon, or looking to step up your swim game you've come to the right spot. The most comprehensive total swimming package.

We cater to adult beginners with little or no swim experience.


private swim lessons houston

To Get Started:

1. Purchase the workshop by clicking on >>> Purchase Workshop

2. When scheduling enter the certificate code from your workshop purchase.

3. Then Book your appointment by selecting a day and the service (Private Swim Instruction - Hourly ) and time under the swim instruction menu.


Great For Beginner Swimmers 

Are you a beginner swimmer or a triathlete struggling with their swimming ability?

We can help you:

  • Stop fighting the water
  • Breathe easier
  • Achieve greater calmness in the water and go further with less faitgue
  • Maximize your speed with less drag and greater efficiency
  • Swim smarter not harder
  • Get balanced and stop sinking
  • Get dialed in and ready for your open water swim

What To Expect With Your Learn To Swim Instruction

Third Coast Training Learn to Swim Workshop is geared for triathletes and are one on one. We'll get you relaxed and on your way to a much improved freestyle stroke. You'll learn what your inefficiencies are and how to correct them. We have a step by step process that we take our students through which allows them to gain confidence in their stroke, breathing, and much more relaxed state. Each stage involves drills to improve your stroke mechanics. As you learn how to do the drills you'll be able to apply them to your workouts so you can continue to refine your stroke much like a golfer with his swing. During your workshop we employ video recording so you can see your before and after on each drill. The end result is while you're swimming you'll know how to "self correct" your stroke. Each student has their own "trouble spots" and at the end of the workshop they'll have the skills to overcome them. Upon completion of the hourly session or one-day workshop the student is given a copy of their recorded HD video via email.

Get Started With Your Swim Instruction - Your Options 

The One Day Workshop is recommended for those that live out of country, out of state which, or the ability to visit frequently for instruction is not likely. This is a 6 hour appointment.

Book One Day Learn To Swim Workshop

Private Learn To Swim Workshop (6 one hour private sessions) 

If you're able to schedule your sessions more frequently (once a week or two) this option is highly recommend and the most popular as you'll have time to practice in between sessions. This package is 6 one hour lessons at a discounted rate. 

We offer lessons 6 days a week by appointment via our online scheduler. I recommend that you practice at least 3 times in between lessons. If you already know the days you'll be practicing at your pool this will allow you to book your lessons in advance. Some book the same day each week while others space their lessons out a bit more. You're always welcomed to reschedule your lessons by logging into your account or going to your email confirmation of your appointment to reschedule by clicking on the appointment details link.

We have a private shower available by the pool which you may use after your lesson.

Purchase Learn To Swim Workshop 

Once you have purchased the workshop you'll be provided with a certificate code. Be sure to enter the certificate code each time you book your appointment.

Here's a direct link to book your appointment. Book Private Swim Instruction Appointment 

Serving Greater Houston swimmers looking to improve their swimming performance. 


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