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What is our triathlon training program?

  • This is not a cookie cutter triathlon program
  • Your workouts are tailored to your current fitness status*
  • Your workouts are tailored to your specific goal(s)
  • You'll know exactly what you're supposed to do during your daily workouts
  • We elimnate the guesswork 
  • Your triathlon program is tailored to your specific needs*
  • You're not lost in the crowd. This is 1:1 custom triathlon training
  • We eliminate junk mileage and unnecessary workouts 
  • We break performance platueas 

We would be happy to design a custom package to meet your training needs and budget. Don't hesistate to book a no-obligation consult. Click on the link below to schedule your consult.


    Your Triathlon Fitness Status

    Prior to designing your custom triathlon training plan we'll need to evaluate your current fitness status by testing your performance for the swim, bike and run. This is done in our state of the art human performance lab. Don't let this intimidate you as the objective is to have your train smarter not harder. With each assessment we're looking to maximize your perfomance by understanding how your body responds to exercise. There several key fatigue markers we'll be looking at to help setup your specific training zones. The training zones will be different for both the bike and run. Understand one is a load bearing exercise (runnning) and the other is not (cycling - sitting on saddle and laying on handle bars/aerobars). In addition, your depletion rates (free fatty acids and glycogen utilization) will be different for each as well. With this data we'll be able to help you make the most of each and everyone of your training sessions. Each training session has a purpose and that purpose is to help you get closer to achieving your goals. With this approach we're eliminating junk mileage and making the most of each and everyone of your training sessions. 

    Your Triathlon Training Specific Needs

    Aside from your need to improve your fitness status there are needs that need to be fulfilled that allow you to gain efficiency and confidence. With science-based training we rule out the guesswork and get you dialed in on what matters most. Little things do matter. Our coaches will evaluate your swim, bike, and running efficiency. In short, why work harder than you need to?

    What's Included In Your Triathlon Program?

    A list is provided below of the services that are available and may be utilized to help you achieve your triathlon training and racing goal(s). Again, your program is tailored to you. For example many newcomers to triathlon may need more attention to their swimming in regards to not getting gassed so quickly. Whearas the veteran may just need some tweaking to their technique to bridge up to their peers within their classification.   

    • Custom Triathlon Training Plan
    • Online Training Log
    • Swim Stroke Analysis
    • 1:1 Private Swim Instruction
    • Group Swim Practice
    • Swim Zone Check
    • Transition Clinics
    • Bike fitting
    • Bike handling clinics
    • Cycling Zone Check
    • Wingate Anaerobic Test
    • Resting Metabolic Rate
    • Running Technique
    • Run Zone Check
    • Monthly Sport Massage
    • Altitude Training


    Serving Greater Houston Triathletes

    Third Coast Training is a USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center catering to Greater Houston triathlon clubs, teams, coaches, and triathletes of all abilities. We believe that everyone from the off the couch beginner to elite competitor is capable of achieving his or her athletic goals. Our main lab is located in Pasadena, Texas is centrally located within the the Greater Houston DMA.