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About Our Swim Stroke Analysis

If you're not sure where to start in your swim training we recommend getting your swim stroke video recorded. Sometimes what we think we're doing is not exactly what's happening. Your swim stroke analysis video can reveal many common mistakes which lead to quick fatigue and a poor swim performance. 

Swim Stroke Analysis For The Beginner Swimmer

Often the beginner swimmer finds themselves fighting the water, struggling to breathe, sinking, and completely exhausted in a short period of time. Though many beginner swimmers know their struggling they don't know what the cause is. With your personal swim stroke analysis and consultation we'll point out what's occurring in your technique that's promoting the poor performance. This will allow you to focus and improve on these areas in your practice sessions.

We highly recommend you work on improving your technique prior to focusing on swim fitness. A poor swim technique can lead to injuries related to a poor stroke pattern. 

In conclusion of the swim stroke analysis and consultation we'll upload your video online and send you a private link.


Swim Stroke Analysis For The Advanced / Experienced Swimmer 

The advanced swimmer generally has a good feel for the water and finds their balance with ease. What can go unnoticed is how ineffective their technique is. We can help identify poor stroke mechanics allowing the swimmer to then clean up their technique when they go home. 


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